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The first step is to install Easy Tag - GTM & Data Layer app. As with all Shopify apps, the installation process is as simple as it could be. On top of this, we have an easy onbording flow to help you complete the requred steps.

Import GA4

All GA4 E-commerce events you need

Product events
You will be able to track Product Detail Pages, Collection Pages and Search Results with detailed product information like Product ID, Product Title, Price and more.
Cart events
All cart events like "Add to Cart" and "Remove from Cart" are tracked.
Conversion tracking to Google Analytycs 4 (GA4) is happening, when a customer visits the order "Thank You" page for the first time.
Custom events
With the help of our robust Google Tag Manager data layer and a library of more than 100 GTM variables you can easily track everything by creating your own custom tags.

Get insights

Understand your customers

Customer-centric Measurement
According to Google, GA4 will give you "A more complete understanding of how customers interact with your business".
Smarter Insights
With the help of advanced machine learning models, the new Google Analytics 4 can automatically alert you to significant trends in your data.
Enhanced Reporting
You will a range of new visualisations and reporting functions in your GA4 property.
BigQuery Export
You will be able to export all of your raw events from Google Analytics 4 to BigQuery, and then use that data to get even more insights.
GA4 insights

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